What Can We Learn From A 16 Year Old?

08-13-14GoalsDid I mention that 16 year old girl that wrote these goals a little over 2 years ago, Bridget Guenard went on to earn a scholarship to West Point, is a nationally ranked Tennis Player and Champion and was offered multiple full ride scholarships to other universities based initially on her academic excellence and then on her athletic ability?  Did I also mention that she is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet?  Please reflect on these goals.  These are HER goals and she did not get help from her parents or coaches when she wrote them and her father Glenn Guenard happened upon them recently and gave me permission to share them with you.

What I see is work, not quitting, having fun, being a nice person, having fun (I said it again) and the fact that goals can change your life and the lives of those around you.   Again, this was all written by a 16 year old who now attends The Military Academy at West Point.    Some are basic points like “clean your room”, some are fun points like “spontaneously be a hipster” and the final point of “focus on your goals and don’t let anyone change your goals because achieving your goals can change your life”.

This girl will accomplish much in her life because she is setting reasonable goals and has them in writing.  She has been a lifelong learner and will dictate her results a not take a wait and see point of view.

I will write again about Bridget as she proceeds through West Point and until that time I have to ask you “What do you have written down and who are you sharing it with?”  It matters more than you know.

If you are not quite hitting your goals give me a call.  I cannot promise West Point but I can promise a serious conversation about what’s next and how to get it.  My name is Steven Clauson and I can be reached at 916-230-0176 or at steve@assaultmarketing.com

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