What Was That You Said?

My coach sent me a link to a web site recently that encapsulated I lot of what I coach and a lot of who I am (sometimes simply who I want to be).  The link he sent lead me lead to a YouTube channel called “Because I said I would”.  The premise of this channel is simple… This is a group of people that do something because they said they would.

This agreement can take a lot of forms.  I am going to reveal a failing I had until I saw this site and looked at my behavior.  I am one of those people that you love to hate in that I text and drive at the same time.  I have had the conversation with myself that I know what I am doing so it’s ok for me.  This is the mantra of everyone who does anything that is stupid and yes, this behavior is stupid.  I had the conversation with myself that I would never do this again and I won’t… Period.  I won’t because I said so.

This was actually hard to look at initially and it got easy fast.  We all expect people to do what they say they will and adult adult’s get this done.  I now have this done because I said I would.  What are you doing because you said you would?

If you want to get more done while doing what you said you would do and aren’t quite sure what to say let’s talk.  My name is Steven Clauson and we can have that conversation.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.assaultmarketing.com

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