Why Would You Need To Demand Something?

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We’ve seen a lot of news this last week regarding fast food workers demands for $15 per hour.  Wikipedia defines demands as “A Demand is a buyer’s willingness and ability to pay a price for a specific quantity of a good or service”.  Let’s look at this for a minute and see how this plays out.

Since these workers don’t own the place they’re working it seems to me that the owner is the buyer of the labor and the worker is the seller of that labor.  This should explain everything, but for a few this still falls short so let’s go a bit deeper.

When I worked at McDonalds as a whopper flopper it was 1971.  I was sophomore in high school and I was pretty clear even than that this was not a career path I was going to remain on.  I was making $1.65 per hour, I was in high school and I was living with my parents.  I felt like I was doing well and even then I knew there was more.  To get to the next level I stayed in school, did not have children, did not smoke or do drugs and didn’t buy a new car.  I know that it terms of today, I over sacrificed.

In my terms I simply went through the required actions to have the choices I currently enjoy.  Yes I spent a fortune on an education.  Yes I took risks starting all 5 of the businesses I’ve had. Yes each of my businesses has succeeded.  Yes I work more than 40 hours every week.  Yes I read to stay ahead of the market and trends.  Yes I work weekends.  Yes I know that almost everyone who reads this blog will say Yes, so do I!

If these workers truly want $15 per hour, and who can blame them, they need to bring more, much more to the table.  We find it funny when they ask a low education voter a question about history or even current events and the answers they give aren’t even close to correct.   I believe that is where these folks get many of their screwed up ideas.  They believe that they deserve $15 or more per hour for just showing up, they deserve weekends off, they deserve sick days and even a paid vacation.  They learned a lot of this when they got a trophy for taking up space on a soccer team that never won any games.  Few reading this will disagree with any of this.  Few would change the concept of you get a trophy when you earn the trophy!  Their current trophy demand is $15 per hour and they are unhappy with the idea of judge me on what I produce” while you and I are fine with that.

No one I know has made any money playing a video game, texting their friends, playing on Facebook or any of the other wastes of time they willingly pursue.  Read a book, attend a class in something saleable, get some advanced training or in other words make yourself more valuable.  That $15 per hour position might be right around the corner and from what I know of the people I serve, if you ask for more training the person who hired you might just send you and pay for it!  However, if they faint when you ask, give them a pass as it might just cause that!

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