Change As The Ultimate Business Constant

If you are looking to find something to hang your hat on that will be the same today as it is tomorrow look no further! I have the answer and if you choose to put your arms around it you will never be disappointed!  Change is the constant!

Not what you were looking for?  Sorry.  Now what you wanted?  Sorry again.  This is what you are left with and the more you can embrace change the better off you will be.  Who envisioned the power of the internet?  Who would believe that with the power of the internet that direct mail would be called back from the dead as the leading fund raiser for literally every charity that uses it?  Who would believe that direct mail is the leading source of new customers for Amazon and EBay?

How hard are you chasing what the internet has in hopes of leading the pack?  You never will lead the pack when you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat out there trying to pull everyone else’s attention away from you.  Each one of these services may let you play along but you will never dominate.  With that said change is what you must do!  Start today!

When was the last time you really looked at the level of service that is present in the world as we know it today?  When was the last time you had a great experience from a waiter or waitress?  When was the last time you met with a salesperson that was serious about helping you as opposed to just closing a sale?  Keep in mind that the best salespeople see their job as helping first and sales second.

When you meet a salesperson like that keep in mind that they are serious about sales and they train. When was the last time you saw a man or a woman over the age of 35 that was in great shape and you thought to yourself “How much time do they spend in the gym?”  They train and so do exceptional salespeople, waiters, waitresses and most everyone else that is exceptional.  They act like someone is going to take everything away and train accordingly.  They have a winners mindset.

What is your mindset? Ready to change a little and start to win again?  My name is Steven Clauson and I work with winners!  My company is Assault Marketing and you can call me personally at 916-230-0176  I Can Help!

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