A Rut Is Nothing More Than A Grave With Both Ends Missing!

I started with a new client last week and she claims her biggest issue is that she is in a rut. I asked her what she meant and she referred to the movie “Ground Hog Day” where every day seems like the last one.  I define a rut as a time where thinking becomes stale, boring or just gets tired.  No truly new thoughts are flowing from your brain and yorutu never think it’s going to end.

There are 3 time tested methods to get out of the rut you are in and the best coaching I have is to use all e at the same time and use the power of momentum.  Here they are…

  • Employ A Change In Your Focus. We entrepreneurs are really bad at taking time off. Our focus seems to include coming into the office daily and working longer and longer hours. 100% of our focus is on our business and everything else becomes secondary. This can work for a very limited period of time and then we start to lose ground. What’s our response when we start to lose ground? More hours! Maybe we can squeeze time in on Sunday instead of making breakfast for the family. Maybe it’s as basic as reading a magazine you have never read before or going for a hike. Do something you seldom if ever do and your brain goes to a new and better place.
  • Change Your Thought Process. Don’t worry about trying to master all of your emotions as that just won’t happen. Emotions are rooted in your thought so what you think about is manifested in your emotions. A great example of thinking applied to emotions is seeing a very funny movie and trying to be sad at the same time. Almost impossible to do. When feel yourself moving into a rut during the day take a minute and think about your last vacation, the love you have for one of your children or even what you were doing when you were 10 years old. Your thoughts change and you change. The more your control your thoughts the more you control your world. Try feeling upbeat after watching the evening news… I dare you and this is why I don’t watch the evening news! It scares the crap out of me and it should scare the crap out of you!
  • Change Your Physiology. This means get up and move! This is why Steve Jobs invented the IPod I believe. Raising your heart rate is easy and should be done daily. There was an exercise guru in the late 80’s named Susan Powter who said over and over “you gotta eat, you gotta breathe and you gotta move”. If you wanna eat just take a short walk to get what you want and you will be moving, your heart rate will rise and you get nourishment all at the same time! If you can’t leave your desk just close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes and hold them as long as possible. Your heart rate will change along with the rest of your physiology. You will think better and feel better.


Do all of these at the same time and they are a force multiplier for sure. These are all simple, cost nothing and help you to accomplish more.  The last thing to do is ask yourself when the last time was you went on vacation?  Been a while?  Get it scheduled even if you aren’t going for a few months.  Something to look forward to matters greatly.  And when a say vacation I don’t mean staying locked up in a room in a different location working from there.  No phone, no computer and sleep in late.  It can be done.

What other ideas do you have for getting out of a rut? Please share them with me and I will share with everyone.  My name is Steven Clauson and I am the Founder of Assault Marketing.  I work with anyone who is at one level and strives to get to the next and those that are stuck and want their freedom.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.stevenclauson.com  I Can Help!


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