I Don’t Know As A Sign Of Wisdom

One of my favorite quotes comes from Colin Powell when he said “Don’t just do something, stand there!” This goes against our traditional point of view and is spot on advice in most situations.

Humans are hard wired to provide solutions to problems. We often feel we must provide a solution NOW… that’s simply not the case.  Often we visit a doctor and tell them about an issue we’re having and they want additional testing or to confer with another doctor before deciding what the path forward is.  None of us are better than this!

Complex questions are seldom repaired with quick off the cuff answers. When I meet with someone for the first time they are either doing well and want to do better or they have a laundry list of problems which need to be solved or they are done.  I meet for 2 hours and determine what result they are looking for.  I drill down and determine what has already been done, how it was done and what result was actually produced.  Like a doctor I must have a complete history to determine the path forward.  I will likely have an answer that has worked in the past and even though it worked for someone else it may or may not be right for that person at that moment. Life is not a “one size fits most” adventure.

I am willing to say “I Don’t Know” and this is a sign of the wisdom I’ve developed in the last 26 years of coaching. During that time I’ve also been running my own business (currently 4 of my own) and time spent pondering is typically time well spent.  Great solutions don’t come quick and quick solutions are seldom good.

My name is Steven Clauson.  I coach people to get where they want to be.  The best part is the people I coach are typically already taking action, getting results and still think about what actions to take to make an even greater impact and aren’t afraid of asking for help.  What help do you need?  What actions have you taken?  I know the one’s with a plan and implementing their plan lead the pack.  Planning, preparing to win and taking the appropriate action means you hear the word “YES” more than ever. Are you one of the few willing to take action, do what’s required and play full out to hear the word yes more often? People accustomed to the word “YES” are winners on the field playing full out and dominating. For these people results matter. Tired of results less than you know you can produce?  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.stevenclauson.com


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