How Water Reacts…

Water is a most fascinating substance. It can exist as a solid, a liquid and as steam.  What else can do that?  You must have water to live.  Too much water and you die.  Water seeks its own level and cares not what you want or need.  Water will get to its destination and it’s here where the discussion and study of water gets interesting.

In order to assure water arrives at its intended destination water will go over, under, around or through. To me the ability of water to go through is the most significant aspect of what it does.  Witness the Grand Canyon.  Many years ago there was a small stream going over the top and fast forward to the Colorado River going through the bottom.  Never underestimate persistence.  How persistent are you with the tools you have at your disposal?  Not getting what you want?  Time for a new tool.  Call me.

My name is Steven Clauson.  I coach people who have decided what they want to make.  The best part is the people I coach are already taking action, getting results and still think about what actions to take to make an even greater impact and aren’t afraid to ask for help.  How can I help you?  What actions have you taken?  Those who plan and take action lead the pack.  Planning, preparing to win and taking the appropriate action means you hear the word “YES” more than ever. Are you one of the few willing to take action, do what’s required and play full out to hear the word yes more often? People accustomed to the word “YES” are winners on the field playing full out and dominating. For these people results matter. Tired of results less than you know you can produce?  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit

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