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Are You Marketing B 2 B or B 2 C?

Many businesses claim to participate in Business to Consumer Marketing and some in Business to Business Marketing.  We have all seen great examples of Business to Consumer Marketing and Volkwagens “Drivers Wanted” comes to mind and the concept of Business to Business Marketing is a bit more difficult to locate.   Here is what I mean…

In the 20+ years I have worked in the field of marketing I have yet to see a business buy anything.  There has yet to be a single business that buys anything from a roll of toilet paper to an ink pen.  A business never buys these items.  These items are always purchased by a human and paid for by a business for use in that business.  This is a distinction with a dramatic difference.  This is the difference between selling at a profit and selling at cost.

The last time I looked, every business is run by a human being or a group of human beings.  Google would have us believe that the day of a computer running a business is not far off but the reality is that we are not there yet.  Whenever you sell anything to a human you are going to be dealing with a combination of emotion and intelligence.  You would do well to determine the point of view of your customer as that will tell you how to sell to them.  Many Accounting Professionals want you to believe that they function from a 100% intellectual point of view and I have not found this to be the case.  Even Accountants buy based on emotion and with toilet paper that might come down to how that paper feels on their tushy.  Never minimize this point of view!

If your product is sold to a business are you breaking the process down to the interaction with the human that signs your purchase order?  If you are bypassing this step you are costing your company and your family money!  Remember that a human is the one that signs the P.O., Approves the P.O. and orders the check to get written.  Act accordingly!

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