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Dr. Steven Clauson

What’s On Your Book Shelf?

At one point in time Abraham Lincoln said that the person who can read and chooses not to is no better off than the person who cannot read.  Why have so many people made the choice to stop learning once they completed school at whatever level they stopped at?  This is a puzzler!

The half life of radiation is that point at which 50% of it effective life has dissipated.  For most elements that is measured in dozens of years.  Most people are unaware that education has a half life as well.  In 1960 the half life of education was assumed to be about 35 years so that means in 35 years half of what you know has been replaced by new and better information.

In 2012 the half life of education was assumed to be 23 MONTHS!  That means that in 23 months half of what you know has been replaced by new and better information.  What new information have you taken on to keep current and them replace the half you lost?  If you aren’t reading a book of substance you are falling behind.

There is a book out now called The Slight Edge… Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success And Happiness by Jeff Olson.  Get it, read it and take the results to the bank.

What Is Your Total?

I read recently in Fast Company magazine that the worth of each of us is the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Just for a second I want you to imagine that this is a hard and fast FACT… the next thing I want you to imagine is which of the five people you spend the most time are you going to continue to spend time with? Or the alternate, which one(s) are you going to replace? Not easy and yet required!

This can be a difficult conversation to have even internally. The concept that you are judging someone for being who they are can be a very disturbing one on several fronts. Many of these areas are disturbing due to a holdover from our youth. We teach our children to be aware of who they hang out with and staying away from the wrong crowd and that distinction goes away once we become an adult. I am here to say that it is even more important today.

I am fortunate, not just lucky that I spend time with and read about people that inspire me and challenge me to be my best. I also proactively read about people like Ben Carson, Dusan Djukich and Martin Howey. These are people that don’t get tired and in the case of Dusan and Martin are there to personally challenge what seems like each and every notion I have and they make me stronger. Did you know that Dr. Ben Carson was raised in abject   poverty in Detroit and is a multimillionaire today and a major political force? Did you know that Martin Howey has beat at least 3 major bouts with cancer (one was stage 4 and deemed     unsurvivable) and he just refuses to quit? Did you know that Dusan wrote a book that was described by a Major General in the U. S. Army as “Brutally Direct and Brilliant?”

When you want to go to the next level you are required to leave things behind and most of these things are tied to comfort? How much discomfort are you willing to stand?  Those that demand more from life are invited to call me.  Mt name is Steven Clauson  and my compan


Crumbs Cupcakes Was A 1 Trick Pony


The bakery world was on fire for about 8 years with cupcakes.  It seemed that if you were a bakery you made cupcakes and you were taking bushels of money to the bank.  In the investment world everyone loved investing in the next great cupcake.  Many bakeries almost forgot how to make anything else… In fact many bakeries stopped making everything else in favor of the cupcake.  It seems that even America has finally grown tired of the venerable cupcake!

It was learned on Friday that Crumbs Bakery shut several dozen locations last week.  Crumbs had its hey-day as a staple on “Sex And the City.”  The rise and fall of Crumbs cannot really be a surprise when you consider it’s success had to do with focus on a single product and a fad at that.  This is a cautionary tale for any business that devotes what they do to a single product.  There are other notables…

  • Krispy Kreme. This company is 77 years old and has lost almost 100 locations in the last 10 years. Nothing but donuts!
  • Mrs. Fields. Had a peak of 438 stores and it is now down to 230. Just expensive cookies.
  • TCBY. While it may be The Countries Best Yogurt it is still yogurt and the popularity of yogurt proves that marketing works! TCBY is down to 355 stores from a peak of over 1400! Yogurt? Seriously?

There are other companies that are fighting hard to expand their menus to grow market share.  Dunkin Donuts is working to expand their coffee line and specialty sandwich line and they are doing this because it gets a little quiet after the morning donut run is complete.  Starbucks is working the specialty sandwich angle as well and they are also planning some beer and wine offerings soon to have a reason to keep stores open.  Both of these companies are gaining ground for now.

Whenever I look at any company one of the first questions I ask is “Since I know what they sell I wonder what else they could sell to their same market?”  This is a great question to ask and continue asking.  Sometimes the best people to ask are the ones that come face to face with your customer.  I wonder what they have to say and when they were last asked?

My name is Steven Clauson and my Company is Assault Marketing.  Call me at 916-685-7330 or at    We do it for you or work with you 1 on 1.  We Can Help!

Richard Petty Was NASCAR’s Original Marketer

I saw an interview with Richard Petty who is also known as the King.  He won 200 races and is still the Ambassador of the sport.  While you may or may not watch NASCAR it is worth noting that depending on what is measured it is the #2 watched sport in America and only trails the NFL.  The interview revealed why he is the Ambassador and it has little to do with winning races.

In the old days before the mega sponsor he was endorsed by a furniture company and whenever he won a race he got a nice check, this happened only when he won.  After every race, especially the races he won he was asked for lots of autographs by fans and customers of the furniture company.  He figured that the people there gave him money for his furniture and the store owner gave Petty money when he won.  It didn’t take him a lot of time to determine that his autograph was actually a handwritten thank you note to the stores customers and that is how he signed his name.

After one Daytona 500 he stayed for 5. 5 hours to sign every autograph for every fan who wanted one!   This is someone who knew clearly who actually signed his check.  I don’t really get that most people today understand who signs their check and that is a shame.  That costs every business in the nation money.  We need to return to this and save a generation.  I know that whenever I visit Disneyland that they know who signs their check and they act like it.  As a consumer I like that plan and return there often.

What would happen if every staff person that every one of us have acted like it matters who signed the check?  I can tell you that it matters tome greatly.  We need to return to basics in my estimation.  If you want to know where to start we should talk.  I am Steven Clauson and I founded Assault Marketing.  Call me at 916-685-7330 or visit me at

Half Way Point

half wayThis is going to be really quick…  The year will be halfway complete by midnight.  Are you halfway to the goals you set on January 1, 2014?  If not we need to talk.  My name is Steven Clauson and My company is Assault Marketing.  Call me personally at 916-685-7330 or visit my website at  I Can Help You.

Are You Marketing B 2 B or B 2 C?

Many businesses claim to participate in Business to Consumer Marketing and some in Business to Business Marketing.  We have all seen great examples of Business to Consumer Marketing and Volkwagens “Drivers Wanted” comes to mind and the concept of Business to Business Marketing is a bit more difficult to locate.   Here is what I mean…

In the 20+ years I have worked in the field of marketing I have yet to see a business buy anything.  There has yet to be a single business that buys anything from a roll of toilet paper to an ink pen.  A business never buys these items.  These items are always purchased by a human and paid for by a business for use in that business.  This is a distinction with a dramatic difference.  This is the difference between selling at a profit and selling at cost.

The last time I looked, every business is run by a human being or a group of human beings.  Google would have us believe that the day of a computer running a business is not far off but the reality is that we are not there yet.  Whenever you sell anything to a human you are going to be dealing with a combination of emotion and intelligence.  You would do well to determine the point of view of your customer as that will tell you how to sell to them.  Many Accounting Professionals want you to believe that they function from a 100% intellectual point of view and I have not found this to be the case.  Even Accountants buy based on emotion and with toilet paper that might come down to how that paper feels on their tushy.  Never minimize this point of view!

If your product is sold to a business are you breaking the process down to the interaction with the human that signs your purchase order?  If you are bypassing this step you are costing your company and your family money!  Remember that a human is the one that signs the P.O., Approves the P.O. and orders the check to get written.  Act accordingly!

My name is Steven Clauson and I am the Founder of Assault Marketing and Top Line Results Coaching.  We help you get from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest possible time.  Call us at 916-685-7330 or visit us at  We Can Help!