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A Rut Is Nothing More Than A Grave With Both Ends Missing!

I started with a new client last week and she claims her biggest issue is that she is in a rut. I asked her what she meant and she referred to the movie “Ground Hog Day” where every day seems like the last one.  I define a rut as a time where thinking becomes stale, boring or just gets tired.  No truly new thoughts are flowing from your brain and yorutu never think it’s going to end.

There are 3 time tested methods to get out of the rut you are in and the best coaching I have is to use all e at the same time and use the power of momentum.  Here they are…

  • Employ A Change In Your Focus. We entrepreneurs are really bad at taking time off. Our focus seems to include coming into the office daily and working longer and longer hours. 100% of our focus is on our business and everything else becomes secondary. This can work for a very limited period of time and then we start to lose ground. What’s our response when we start to lose ground? More hours! Maybe we can squeeze time in on Sunday instead of making breakfast for the family. Maybe it’s as basic as reading a magazine you have never read before or going for a hike. Do something you seldom if ever do and your brain goes to a new and better place.
  • Change Your Thought Process. Don’t worry about trying to master all of your emotions as that just won’t happen. Emotions are rooted in your thought so what you think about is manifested in your emotions. A great example of thinking applied to emotions is seeing a very funny movie and trying to be sad at the same time. Almost impossible to do. When feel yourself moving into a rut during the day take a minute and think about your last vacation, the love you have for one of your children or even what you were doing when you were 10 years old. Your thoughts change and you change. The more your control your thoughts the more you control your world. Try feeling upbeat after watching the evening news… I dare you and this is why I don’t watch the evening news! It scares the crap out of me and it should scare the crap out of you!
  • Change Your Physiology. This means get up and move! This is why Steve Jobs invented the IPod I believe. Raising your heart rate is easy and should be done daily. There was an exercise guru in the late 80’s named Susan Powter who said over and over “you gotta eat, you gotta breathe and you gotta move”. If you wanna eat just take a short walk to get what you want and you will be moving, your heart rate will rise and you get nourishment all at the same time! If you can’t leave your desk just close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes and hold them as long as possible. Your heart rate will change along with the rest of your physiology. You will think better and feel better.


Do all of these at the same time and they are a force multiplier for sure. These are all simple, cost nothing and help you to accomplish more.  The last thing to do is ask yourself when the last time was you went on vacation?  Been a while?  Get it scheduled even if you aren’t going for a few months.  Something to look forward to matters greatly.  And when a say vacation I don’t mean staying locked up in a room in a different location working from there.  No phone, no computer and sleep in late.  It can be done.

What other ideas do you have for getting out of a rut? Please share them with me and I will share with everyone.  My name is Steven Clauson and I am the Founder of Assault Marketing.  I work with anyone who is at one level and strives to get to the next and those that are stuck and want their freedom.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.stevenclauson.com  I Can Help!


Change As The Ultimate Business Constant

If you are looking to find something to hang your hat on that will be the same today as it is tomorrow look no further! I have the answer and if you choose to put your arms around it you will never be disappointed!  Change is the constant!

Not what you were looking for?  Sorry.  Now what you wanted?  Sorry again.  This is what you are left with and the more you can embrace change the better off you will be.  Who envisioned the power of the internet?  Who would believe that with the power of the internet that direct mail would be called back from the dead as the leading fund raiser for literally every charity that uses it?  Who would believe that direct mail is the leading source of new customers for Amazon and EBay?

How hard are you chasing what the internet has in hopes of leading the pack?  You never will lead the pack when you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat out there trying to pull everyone else’s attention away from you.  Each one of these services may let you play along but you will never dominate.  With that said change is what you must do!  Start today!

When was the last time you really looked at the level of service that is present in the world as we know it today?  When was the last time you had a great experience from a waiter or waitress?  When was the last time you met with a salesperson that was serious about helping you as opposed to just closing a sale?  Keep in mind that the best salespeople see their job as helping first and sales second.

When you meet a salesperson like that keep in mind that they are serious about sales and they train. When was the last time you saw a man or a woman over the age of 35 that was in great shape and you thought to yourself “How much time do they spend in the gym?”  They train and so do exceptional salespeople, waiters, waitresses and most everyone else that is exceptional.  They act like someone is going to take everything away and train accordingly.  They have a winners mindset.

What is your mindset? Ready to change a little and start to win again?  My name is Steven Clauson and I work with winners!  My company is Assault Marketing and you can call me personally at 916-230-0176  I Can Help!

Why Would You Need To Demand Something?

09-08-14 Blog Pic

We’ve seen a lot of news this last week regarding fast food workers demands for $15 per hour.  Wikipedia defines demands as “A Demand is a buyer’s willingness and ability to pay a price for a specific quantity of a good or service”.  Let’s look at this for a minute and see how this plays out.

Since these workers don’t own the place they’re working it seems to me that the owner is the buyer of the labor and the worker is the seller of that labor.  This should explain everything, but for a few this still falls short so let’s go a bit deeper.

When I worked at McDonalds as a whopper flopper it was 1971.  I was sophomore in high school and I was pretty clear even than that this was not a career path I was going to remain on.  I was making $1.65 per hour, I was in high school and I was living with my parents.  I felt like I was doing well and even then I knew there was more.  To get to the next level I stayed in school, did not have children, did not smoke or do drugs and didn’t buy a new car.  I know that it terms of today, I over sacrificed.

In my terms I simply went through the required actions to have the choices I currently enjoy.  Yes I spent a fortune on an education.  Yes I took risks starting all 5 of the businesses I’ve had. Yes each of my businesses has succeeded.  Yes I work more than 40 hours every week.  Yes I read to stay ahead of the market and trends.  Yes I work weekends.  Yes I know that almost everyone who reads this blog will say Yes, so do I!

If these workers truly want $15 per hour, and who can blame them, they need to bring more, much more to the table.  We find it funny when they ask a low education voter a question about history or even current events and the answers they give aren’t even close to correct.   I believe that is where these folks get many of their screwed up ideas.  They believe that they deserve $15 or more per hour for just showing up, they deserve weekends off, they deserve sick days and even a paid vacation.  They learned a lot of this when they got a trophy for taking up space on a soccer team that never won any games.  Few reading this will disagree with any of this.  Few would change the concept of you get a trophy when you earn the trophy!  Their current trophy demand is $15 per hour and they are unhappy with the idea of judge me on what I produce” while you and I are fine with that.

No one I know has made any money playing a video game, texting their friends, playing on Facebook or any of the other wastes of time they willingly pursue.  Read a book, attend a class in something saleable, get some advanced training or in other words make yourself more valuable.  That $15 per hour position might be right around the corner and from what I know of the people I serve, if you ask for more training the person who hired you might just send you and pay for it!  However, if they faint when you ask, give them a pass as it might just cause that!

My name is Steven Clauson and I am the Owner of Assault Marketing.  We work with business owners on their marketing and with one-on-one coaching to help you or your team get to the next level.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.assaultmarketing.com


What We Know That Just Ain’t So!

I keep pinching myself to make sure that I’m awake every time I get to spend time reading and applying what I read to the business of both my clients and myself.  Something I see almost daily is someone who has a strong opinion about something that just isn’t accurate any more.

We all live in a world where people cannot pull themselves away from their phone, tablet or even desktops.  There are still people who minimize this audience and refuse to take advantage of it.  While I am the first guy to grab the phone book I also know that none of my kids (21, 21 & 25) even know how to use a phone book.  They have never needed to use one so why learn.  This goes for almost everyone under the age of 40!  The problem grows with the size of the city.  The smaller the city the greater the phone book use and vice versa.  Since I have never played a video game I know that I am not what most people are going to market to.

I’m not a fan of the internet and really have no idea how it all works.  I also have no idea how the electric light works or even the computer I am typing this on.  I know these are tools and I know how to use them.  Understanding these tools is a different topic altogether.  When I need to know there are an almost unlimited number of ways to gain that knowledge and then apply it.  I start with books and others start with YouTube or Google.  The reality is that we must start and we must continue.  Where does your journey begin?

If you aren’t sure about your current journey or have yet to start give me a call.  There are road maps available and the secret is to find the map that works for you!  My name is Steven Clauson and I can be reached at 916-230-0176 or at www.assaultmarketing.com  I Can Help!

Notes From The Napa Earthquake

earthquake napaThere was a homeowner interviewed Sunday night after the quake in Napa whose home was devastated.  The garage floor was buckled and there was a crack running along the entire home.  Sadly, his family home is not fit to be lived in any longer and will likely be leveled.  Just a horrible result and from what he said, it was predictable.

He had friends over from his church and they were moving everything out of the home prior to the home being red tagged as unfit for entry.  The homeowner went on the say that even though he signed papers when he bought the home stating that he lived literally on top of an earthquake fault he still made the wise choice to NOT buy earthquake insurance.  He knew that the fault existed and still chose to avoid that wise purchase.

After saying that he wished he had bought the coverage he was now EXPECTING FEMA to come in and make things right.  Somehow his unwillingness to buy earthquake coverage when he lives on top of an earthquake fault is now the Federal Governments issue.  Just a bit shortsighted and sadly commonplace.

This has become the average individual in our land.  They expect to get bailed out of their bad decisions and they typically do.  This is who most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.  Did personal responsibility ever exist in his world and if he doesn’t have it now, is there any chance his children will somehow learn it somewhere?  Doubtful at best.

One of the best aspects of my professional life is that I get to work with committed people that have loads of personal responsibility and are always working towards “what’s next?”  If this is you I want to talk to you.  If you have the courage to define what your world looks like we should meet and get to know each other.  My name is Steven Clauson and I know how short life really is.  Let’s talk before short turns into gone.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit me at www.assaultmarketing.com and let’s see what your next level looks like.

What Was That You Said?

My coach sent me a link to a web site recently that encapsulated I lot of what I coach and a lot of who I am (sometimes simply who I want to be).  The link he sent lead me lead to a YouTube channel called “Because I said I would”.  The premise of this channel is simple… This is a group of people that do something because they said they would.

This agreement can take a lot of forms.  I am going to reveal a failing I had until I saw this site and looked at my behavior.  I am one of those people that you love to hate in that I text and drive at the same time.  I have had the conversation with myself that I know what I am doing so it’s ok for me.  This is the mantra of everyone who does anything that is stupid and yes, this behavior is stupid.  I had the conversation with myself that I would never do this again and I won’t… Period.  I won’t because I said so.

This was actually hard to look at initially and it got easy fast.  We all expect people to do what they say they will and adult adult’s get this done.  I now have this done because I said I would.  What are you doing because you said you would?

If you want to get more done while doing what you said you would do and aren’t quite sure what to say let’s talk.  My name is Steven Clauson and we can have that conversation.  Call me at 916-230-0176 or visit www.assaultmarketing.com

What Can We Learn From A 16 Year Old?

08-13-14GoalsDid I mention that 16 year old girl that wrote these goals a little over 2 years ago, Bridget Guenard went on to earn a scholarship to West Point, is a nationally ranked Tennis Player and Champion and was offered multiple full ride scholarships to other universities based initially on her academic excellence and then on her athletic ability?  Did I also mention that she is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet?  Please reflect on these goals.  These are HER goals and she did not get help from her parents or coaches when she wrote them and her father Glenn Guenard happened upon them recently and gave me permission to share them with you.

What I see is work, not quitting, having fun, being a nice person, having fun (I said it again) and the fact that goals can change your life and the lives of those around you.   Again, this was all written by a 16 year old who now attends The Military Academy at West Point.    Some are basic points like “clean your room”, some are fun points like “spontaneously be a hipster” and the final point of “focus on your goals and don’t let anyone change your goals because achieving your goals can change your life”.

This girl will accomplish much in her life because she is setting reasonable goals and has them in writing.  She has been a lifelong learner and will dictate her results a not take a wait and see point of view.

I will write again about Bridget as she proceeds through West Point and until that time I have to ask you “What do you have written down and who are you sharing it with?”  It matters more than you know.

If you are not quite hitting your goals give me a call.  I cannot promise West Point but I can promise a serious conversation about what’s next and how to get it.  My name is Steven Clauson and I can be reached at 916-230-0176 or at steve@assaultmarketing.com

What’s On Your Book Shelf?

At one point in time Abraham Lincoln said that the person who can read and chooses not to is no better off than the person who cannot read.  Why have so many people made the choice to stop learning once they completed school at whatever level they stopped at?  This is a puzzler!

The half life of radiation is that point at which 50% of it effective life has dissipated.  For most elements that is measured in dozens of years.  Most people are unaware that education has a half life as well.  In 1960 the half life of education was assumed to be about 35 years so that means in 35 years half of what you know has been replaced by new and better information.

In 2012 the half life of education was assumed to be 23 MONTHS!  That means that in 23 months half of what you know has been replaced by new and better information.  What new information have you taken on to keep current and them replace the half you lost?  If you aren’t reading a book of substance you are falling behind.

There is a book out now called The Slight Edge… Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success And Happiness by Jeff Olson.  Get it, read it and take the results to the bank.

Crumbs Cupcakes Was A 1 Trick Pony


The bakery world was on fire for about 8 years with cupcakes.  It seemed that if you were a bakery you made cupcakes and you were taking bushels of money to the bank.  In the investment world everyone loved investing in the next great cupcake.  Many bakeries almost forgot how to make anything else… In fact many bakeries stopped making everything else in favor of the cupcake.  It seems that even America has finally grown tired of the venerable cupcake!

It was learned on Friday that Crumbs Bakery shut several dozen locations last week.  Crumbs had its hey-day as a staple on “Sex And the City.”  The rise and fall of Crumbs cannot really be a surprise when you consider it’s success had to do with focus on a single product and a fad at that.  This is a cautionary tale for any business that devotes what they do to a single product.  There are other notables…

  • Krispy Kreme. This company is 77 years old and has lost almost 100 locations in the last 10 years. Nothing but donuts!
  • Mrs. Fields. Had a peak of 438 stores and it is now down to 230. Just expensive cookies.
  • TCBY. While it may be The Countries Best Yogurt it is still yogurt and the popularity of yogurt proves that marketing works! TCBY is down to 355 stores from a peak of over 1400! Yogurt? Seriously?

There are other companies that are fighting hard to expand their menus to grow market share.  Dunkin Donuts is working to expand their coffee line and specialty sandwich line and they are doing this because it gets a little quiet after the morning donut run is complete.  Starbucks is working the specialty sandwich angle as well and they are also planning some beer and wine offerings soon to have a reason to keep stores open.  Both of these companies are gaining ground for now.

Whenever I look at any company one of the first questions I ask is “Since I know what they sell I wonder what else they could sell to their same market?”  This is a great question to ask and continue asking.  Sometimes the best people to ask are the ones that come face to face with your customer.  I wonder what they have to say and when they were last asked?

My name is Steven Clauson and my Company is Assault Marketing.  Call me at 916-685-7330 or at www.assaultmarketing.com    We do it for you or work with you 1 on 1.  We Can Help!

Half Way Point

half wayThis is going to be really quick…  The year will be halfway complete by midnight.  Are you halfway to the goals you set on January 1, 2014?  If not we need to talk.  My name is Steven Clauson and My company is Assault Marketing.  Call me personally at 916-685-7330 or visit my website at www.assaultmarketing.com  I Can Help You.