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Dr. Steven Clauson

"Inside Every Business, No Matter The Size, Lie Opportunities That Can Uncover Thousands And Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Hidden And Completely Neglected Profits And Value. We Help You Find Those Dollars And Capture Them."

Dr. Steven Clauson

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To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Steven L. Clauson & Assault Marketing

I would recommend Steve Clauson to anyone who is in business for themselves and wants to make a positive change. Steve Clauson has been working closely with my business, my staff and me for over a year. The scheduled weekly meetings we have serve to reinforce the system of selling I have learned. My closing rate has gone from 35% to 70%.

Steve challenges me on a weekly basis, making me stay on top of the selling process. He has taught me the importance of testimonials and the value of sharing them with new prospects.

I have a better understanding of direct mail, lead generation ads and the importance behind them. He has provided me with the "secrets of success". Over the past year I have grown both in business and in my personal life by applying the lessons I have been taught.

I look forward to a continued business relationship with Steve & Assault Marketing. For anyone who has a string desire to develop their business beyond the limits you have established or you are looking to greatly enhance an already successful business, I strongly recommend that you call Assault Marketing. It’s a phone call you won’t regret.

Superb Roofing, Inc.

Mark Moran


Superb Roofing Testimonial for Assault Marketing

RE: Assault Marketing

To whom it may concern,

My company has been with Assault marketing since early 1998. We knew when we hired Assault Marketing that we knew what to do to grow but we were unsure of exactly how to do it. We had attended the seminars, read the books and placed the ads that different representatives told us to and the best results we received were disappointing.

Shortly after starting with Assault Marketing we began to see that marketing was a lot more than a bigger, better and more catchy ad. Those things worked, and worked well at times, were very unpredictable. We have since found that proper marketing can be a very predictable way to increase sales in a business. We learned what was special about us from our customer’s point of view and why the customer valued that. We learned how to use past customers to increase today’s sales. We learned how to cross sell and upsell and that price is not as important as I thought it was. In short, we learned how to properly and profitably market this and any other business that I may ever own. The advertising representatives do not like me as well as before but I am able to live with that!

Should you decide to use Assault Marketing to help you grow your business I feel very strongly that you will be satisfied beyond your expectations. I have many more dollars in my pocket as a direct result of my association with them.


W. D. MacCauley
McCauley Enterprises

McCauley Enterprises Testimonial for Assault Marketing

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To whom it may concern,

This is an unsolicited letter of recommendation.

Several months ago I received a phone call (unsolicited) from Assault Marketing. As most of us in business, I receive many calls a day trying to sell me something. For whatever reason (which I rarely do) I agreed to have Steve Clausen come by and see me.

From that day on, it is hard to express the positive changes and excitement that has taken place in my business.

I was actually in a funk. Business was okay, 9/11 had just occurred. I knew I needed to make changes, really didn’t know what or how frankly, I didn’t have the energy to go through the process of motivating my employees.

Today, my employees and I are so excited and motivated. We feel like our potential is unlimited.

Steve has spent a lot of time and energy training my staff and myself. We are on a path of great changes that are already making a difference in my business.

Also, Steve’s fees are very reasonable. I know that I am recieveing and gaining much more than I am paying for.


Gary Simmen, Owner