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Dr. Steven Clauson

"Inside Every Business, No Matter The Size, Lie Opportunities That Can Uncover Thousands And Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Hidden And Completely Neglected Profits And Value. We Help You Find Those Dollars And Capture Them."

Dr. Steven Clauson

Referral Marketing

Have You Ever Said To Yourself...

"I Know I’m Not Getting All The Referrals & Repeat Business I Could Be Getting...!"

You are not alone. The truth is, most businesses don’t get the referrals and repeat sales they should be getting. And more than likely, your business is no exception. For most companies this is an opportunity that could be worth thousands, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales and profits and EQUITY VALUE.

Most companies have never implemented an effective, systematic and consistent referral marketing system which can. drive high quality referrals back to their business. Most business owners say that referrals are their most important source of new business and then do nothing to stimulate or increase their flow of referrals or to keep themselves top of mind with their customers. They simply sit back and wait for the phone to ring. This is a critical and costly marketing mistake.

To maximize profits, the most successful companies, replacement contractors and remodelers are focusing more of their time and resources ($$) on their past and present customers. Why? Because in today’s "New Economy" it’s never been as important to use every opportunity to maximize the profit value of each of your customers. For some of these companies it’s not uncommon to get 35%, 45% even up to 60% of their business from past customers and referrals.

How do they do it?

Companies that have high referral rates don’t get there by chance, luck or accident. There’s no magic bullet, or some mysterious secrets that are only shared in high level board rooms.

Here are a few hints:

They do specific things.

They do them consistently.

They have done them for a long time.

And, the good news for the rest of us is... it’s never too late to get started.

At Assault Marketing we have developed an action plan for creating "Customers For Life".

Show your customers, clients, patients your Appreciation for their business. Everybody wants to be that "special" customer... including you. When was the last time a business you gave your money to sent you a thank you note or gift? How would it make you feel if they did? Appreciation is a marketing strategy, and a powerful one.

In today’s wireless world you need to know what your customers thought about their experience with you. And what they will be telling the world about you. Our web and social media expert will get your customers HONEST feedback about their experience with your company and then get them talking about you online.

The number one reason businesses don’t get more referrals and repeat business is because their customers FORGET about them. We’ll help you keep in touch with your customers for years by implementing a system of interesting and informative on–going communication including postcards, letters, emails, newsletters (email and print) AND phone calls to stay 'Top of Mind', promote other services and continually ask for referrals.

If you actively market for referrals, they can be encouraged, stimulated, and increased dramatically. One of the best ways to help increase the number of referrals your business gets is by having a formal referral reward program. We have a Referral Program that can be customized for your business and implemented.

To learn more about how we can create a customized Relationship Marketing System for your business so you’ll never have to worry about your customers "falling through the cracks" again just 'click here' to set up a private no-cost, no-obligation, consultation.