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Dr. Steven Clauson

"Inside Every Business, No Matter The Size, Lie Opportunities That Can Uncover Thousands And Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Hidden And Completely Neglected Profits And Value. We Help You Find Those Dollars And Capture Them."

Dr. Steven Clauson

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Struggling To Keep The Lights On Or Rolling In Money, There Are Untapped Dollars in Your Business And We Will Help You Find Them.

FROM: Dr. Steven Clauson
By making your way to this page, I’m going to make a few assumptions about you. First, I’m going to assume you’re the owner of a business or an entrepreneur looking to start a new venture. Next, I’m going to assume you recognize something might be missing in your business or you want help exploiting a new opportunity. Finally, I’m going to assume you value the advice of professionals, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. The first thing I’ll tell you is I’m an entrepreneur just like you. In fact, over the last 20 years I have started and built five companies for myself, one of which I started from scratch (during the last recession) and developed into one of the largest and most profitable professional practices in the nation.

I have had employees... lots of them.. I’ve made a lot of money, I’ve lost a lot of money. I’ve spent tens of thousands of my own dollars on marketing and advertising. I’ve bought businesses and I’ve sold businesses. The reason I think this is important is that you know you’re working with someone that has likely been where you are. Unlike a lot of business development consultants, speakers and authors, my experience is in "real" businesses. I don’t consult based only on books I’ve read, some silly "mentoring certification," or a "be a consultant or coach" weekend training program. My advice, strategies and tactics have all been battle–tested in my own businesses, my clients businesses and have been used to add PROFITS, CUSTOMERS and VALUE to hundreds of businesses.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with companies in over 105 different industries, from lawyers to coaches, accountants to electricians, doctors to landscapers. I’ve worked with companies that sell business to business and business to consumer from start–ups to $40M enterprises. As a result of this experience I know that with very rare exception, in nearly every business... yes, including yours – is an opportunity to uncover thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions) in hidden and/or neglected profits and value. And it’s my job to help you uncover the opportunities, solve any problems you may face and help you take your business where you want it to go... where you know it can go. People seek me out because I don’t just dispense advice... I will help you look at your business strategically and holistically. One idea, one discovery, one tweak, one turn of the screw can have a dramatic impact on your business and your life. And when we work together, we will find at least one... if not many. If you are looking for a textbook education or high–powered corporate experience – that’s not me. But if you want simple, proven, time tested real world business strategies that help you earn more while working less, and ultimately make your business more valuable – I may be your guy.

I’m not cheap or easy to hire. Your investment will be substantial as will your outcome. If you’re looking for breakthrough results we’ll find them. Quite frankly, with my level of experience you’ll get advice worth a significant multiple of whatever fees you pay me. In fact, I won’t waste your time, or mine, if I don’t think I’ll find such opportunities in your business. I find that most of the time we consult with an entrepreneur it is generally in one (sometimes more) of the following Specific Areas:

a. Uncovering the hidden profits inside your business. This is the area we do the most work in – we focus on profit. We will install marketing processes and systems designed to maximize the profits your business earns.

b. Developing your "franchise" business model. We help you develop processes and systems that produce consistent results across all aspects of your business.

c. Removing you from the day–to–day business activities. We’ll accomplish this by helping you set up marketing and business development processes and systems that will create a "franchise" model transforming you from Reactive Business Owner (RBO) to Strategic Entrepreneur.

d. (Re)Installing you as the CEO – the Strategic Entrepreneur – driving your company’s success from the outside looking in. What we call a Fourth Stage Entrepreneur.™

e. Preparing your business so it can be sold (maybe today, maybe eventually). There are very specific things buyers of businesses are looking for. Most small businesses don’t have these things in place. We’ll help you structure your business so it will be attractive to a buyer.

These areas of focus will accomplish a few very important things for you:

You will make more money and have more options for your business and your life.

You will create an ASSET that can be sold or leveraged for greater personal wealth and freedom.

You will free yourself from the time demands of your business so you can have a life outside of your business.

I am currently accepting a limited number of consulting engagements, but, I only work with the most SERIOUS of entrepreneurs. See my "warning" below. On this page you’ll find my rates and how I work. If you would like to set up an introductory meeting please fill out the form below and my assistant will contact you the next business day.

Thank you and I wish you great success in your business and your life.

Dr. Steven Clauson Elk Grove, Calif.

WARNING: My Style Is Not for Everyone.

Before you request consulting, be warned. My consultations are for adults only. If you have hang-ups or are easily offended it’s best you work with someone else. I only accept clients I strongly believe I can be of substantial value to, based on their needs and my relevant experience. I often discover breakthroughs and business opportunities that my clients never imagined were possible. While you’ll get what you came for, most often you’ll also have a huge business opportunity you never anticipated. I am blunt, and I will not spare your feelings if you are holding onto beliefs that aren’t true and are holding you back.

Bottom line – if you have frustrating business issues and potential revenue sources that aren’t getting explored then today is the day to take action.

Consulting Program (2018-2019)

(NOTE: Consulting engagements are on a first–come, first-served basis as schedule allows. Current schedule availability is 5 to 9 weeks.)

The Strategic Consultation

  • Pre–meeting research and preparatory processes.
  • In-person, full day meeting (9:30a to 4:30p) with Dr. Steven Clauson.
  • Written synopsis of meeting.
  • Consultation will include marketing campaign and tool examples with permission to retool and use (if appropriate).
  • Consultation will include connections with valuable network of contacts and vendor resources (if appropriate).
  • Follow–up 30–minute Conference call.
  • Consultations are generally held in or around Sacramento, Calif (or another location at Steven’s choosing).

Telephone Consultation – (2 hours)

  • Pre-meeting research and preparatory processes.
  • 2–hour telephone Consultation.
  • Written synopsis of meeting.
  • Telephone consultations are best for dealing with one problem or opportunity and exploring it in depth. While we won’t be able to get into as much detail and planning as we could within a one day consultation, this will give you a solid direction to follow.

One on One Business Booster


  • Intensive one-day meetings between 7 and 12 hours
  • Cell phones not allowed in meeting due to interruptions
  • Working lunch provided by Steven
  • Monthly telephone meetings
  • Unlimited email access

Expected Timeline

If you are accepted as a consulting client you’ll receive 2 to 3 open dates to choose from for your consultation. Typically, those dates can be as far as 4 to 12 weeks out, depending on schedule. Telephone consultations can usually be scheduled within 1 to 3 weeks.